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With self-care the hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment, it is no surprise that new and innovative health and wellness treatments are becoming increasingly popular. One such indulgence is vitamin infusion therapy, which, while not necessarily new to the wellness scene, is quickly becoming one of the most highly-requested pick-me-up procedures in clinics up and down the country.

Vitamin drip therapy is a delivery method for distributing nutrients and vitamins directly to the bloodstream through the veins. This method allows the fluids to move quickly and effectively, enabling the patient to feel the effects and reap the benefits almost immediately. Vitamin infusion therapies should be administered by medical professionals who have undergone formal training to perfect a safe and successful technique. Touted by celebrities and social media influencers as a must-have treatment, many clients request the procedure for its ability to boost energy levels.

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Treatments are generally quick and straightforward, with the appointment time taking around 45 minutes in total. Because the fluids in a vitamin infusion are transferred directly to the bloodstream and the cells they are targeting, IV drips boast a range of benefits to the patient and the ability to improve upon a variety of bodily functions. These are a few of the ways in which an IV vitamin drip can benefit the recipient:

Improved immune health

Hangover relief

Weight-loss support

Aesthetic enhancement

Migraine relief

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