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Lasers procedures have become the norm in aesthetic rejuvenation of the face and body.  Laser treatments can be used to remove pigmentation, superficial blood vessels, unwanted hair, rejuvenate or resurface the skin, remove tattoos and now effective in rejuvenating and improving health.

We offer multiple laser treatments for various conditions.  Our professional staff offers complimentary consults to aid in choosing the most appropriate laser procedure to address the concerns of our clients.

Unveiling the Elegance Within You!

Discover the Timeless Allure of Aesthetic Beauty

Safe, non-invasive and painless treatment.

Look Better BUT Not Different

You want to look better, but you still want to look like YOU. 
At Advanced Aesthetic Specialist, we help you to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, highlight your best facial features, and create bright, clear skin.


Increase Confidence

Look and feel like the most beautiful you with smoothed lines, highlighted facial features, and bright, clear skin.


Prevent Signs of Ageing

We specialise in treatments that repair and even prevent signs of ageing. Say hello to a lasting radiant, younger you.


Stand Out

Look and feel refreshed with a boosted look that maximises your natural beauty and keeps you smiling.

We as Aesthetic Specialists, strongly believe in unifying great craftsmanship with the most latest technologies as It is important to look out for the most advanced and proven technologies to get the best results.

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