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 Pico laser is a treatment that can remove tattoos and pigmentation effectively and safely. This treatment stimulate collagen and elastin hyperplasia in the dermis layer, thereby improving skin condition, reducing the pores, smoothing fine lines, and improving scars. Most importantly, there are no wounds created after treatments but only with very short downtime.

PicoSure’s unique energy delivery is a breakthrough for patients seeking a way to improve their skin and reduce signs of aging but doesn’t want to deal with the risks, pain, and downtime of traditional laser treatments. PicoSure gently disrupts the particles responsible for a range of pigment conditions like freckles, sunspots, and other discoloration using highly targeted energy. 

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The laser corrects skin blemishes and imperfections without the use of dermal fillers or harsher laser treatments. The results will vary based on each patient’s unique needs and beauty goals, but the procedure has been proven effective in reducing the appearance of:

Age Spots


Acne Scars

Sun Spots

Tattoo Pigmentation

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